The Artist Benefit Collection's mission is to share and support the work of contemporary artists through the cultural significance of the "T-SHIRT".

The Marfa T-Project 2021 by Artist Benefit Collection is in support of RAICES, where their mission is to defend the rights of immigrants and refugees, empower individuals, families, and communities, and advocate for liberty and justice. The T-Project has been generously contributed to and supported by Latinx Creatives and Thinkers based in Marfa, TX, El Paso, TX and beyond. Sam Salazar, a local from Marfa, TX, Christopher Gonzales, a designer and creative based in El Paso, TX, Denver Bastião an artist from Houston, TX and Xavier McFarlin, an artist and founder of Artist Benefit Collection based in Marfa, TX. Artist Benefit Collection stands in solidarity with the rights of families and individuals requiring aid within the united states and all proceeds from this project will go towards our donation to RAICES. For More information about the nonprofit agency please visit their website at

MARFA T-Project

Sam Salazar 
Christopher Gonzales 
Xavier McFarlin
Denver Bastion

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